Workshops Description

ES&R is a unique learning concept. 

E-Sport & Robotics workshops provides Techkids with basic knowledge of robotics and E-sporting. They will work with concepts of electronics, programming, visual strategies, critical analysis, and statistics. A wide range ofSTEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and mathematics) concepts and skills.

Workshop Based Curriculum: this is a hands-on learning experience while working with industry-standard hardware (Raspberry PI, Arduino, etc..) and software (Python, C#, Scratch, etc…). Demonstrating their knowledge by completing a final project.

A Guaranteed Ratio of a maximum of 4:1. We guarantee 4 youngsters per instructor for the robotics (4:1 ratio), and 6:1 in E Sports sessions.

Personalized Instruction:  at their own pace. Our approach allows Techkids to learn at an appropriate, customized pace. These workshops gradually advance throughout the regular school calendar.

Workshops can be held at the comfort of your home, or any other fitting location of your preference.

Workshops are categorized as: 

  • Robotics (recommended age: 8 – 12)  We offer a specialized 1 hour Robotics session twice a week. This curriculum is a combination ofSTEM Robotics course program and colleague level mechanical, software and electrical engineering concepts. TechKids will learn about circuitry, microprocessors, SBC (single board computers), programming, 3D modeling, 3D printing and more.
  • Programming  (Recommended age: 10 & older): the programming course emphasizes in the basics of Scratch, Java, C++, python and more.
  • Game Design (recommended age: 8 and older) This session gives TechKids the opportunity to design and develop their very own game with the power ofUnityandUnreal Engine 4. These are very popular tools:Unity is the most popular one for indie game developers. AndUnreal Engine 4 (the same software used to create levels for games like Gears of War and Batman: Arkham City), TechKids will use sample games fromUnreal Engine 4to craft 3D levels and game-play with Blueprint visual scripting. Students will develop their programming skills usingC#andC++ in these platforms. (This session TBA for Summer camp.)
  • E-Sport (Recommended age: 12 & older):Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, Halo, Street Fighter,just to mention a few of the most popular e-sport games today that are rapidly developing into a world of opportunities. This session covers the mechanics and science behind the games by strategically coaching gamers. The goal of this session is to open the path for the next generation of e-sport athletes. (This session TBA for Summer camp.)

Summer Camp: 

Our Summer camp contains individual weekly sessions. Following the sameSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) approach as our yearly sessions, this summer camp will include fun interaction and competitive encounters. These details are still under construction, we will provide more details in Spring 2016.

The Summer camp program  will encompass courses in programming with Java, C++, Scratch, and more, app development with iPhone and Android, game design, real robotics engineering, 3D modeling & printing. Beginner or advanced, you’ll get inspired by energetic, tech-savvy instructors.

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